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About Our Travel Agency

We would be Happy to introduce you to our travel agency MoroccoKosTours.

Moroccokostours Travel Agency

MoroccoKosTours has more than 10 years of experience in organizing trips all over Morocco. Our team composed of expert guides, drivers, and trip organizers.

Our basic goal behind creating this travel agency is providing the best possible travel experience for anyone intending to visit Morocco. As natives; we will offer you great company and introduce you to the deep and rich history of Morocco. In our agency, we believe in diversity, creativity, and most of all love and respect. From the time we launched the agency, we worked hard to maintain creativity so as to offer diverse trips from time to time.

Moroccokostours is a solid collaboration between two native Moroccan’s Kamal and Othman. Kamal and Othman Service company created with passion and determination to show the best side of Morocco. As you will learn the rich history of Morocco from our expert guides when reaching different important monumental sites.

By choosing us, you will benefit from safe and comfortable voyage. As we have multiple comfotable Cars with air conditioning system. We also have a solid experience in driving and we know the Moroccan itinerary by heart. You can say that we can offer you high quality transportation service ever.

Book with us and live an extraordinary travel experience.

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